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Why is Web Hosting Cheap Today?

With the advancement of technology in recent years, website building has grown at a rapid pace. Whereas in the early 90s, it was only the rich who could afford internet services, today, anybody who is anybody can create a website and put it up. With demand, the industry grew and connected the world rapidly. This allowed web hosting industry to provide free email services, instant message, and company web sites for business purposes.

Evolution in the web hosting industry took place, from server space to database management and transfer. Web host industries grew as did competition between them. Now, it's about who offers the best possible web hosting service with the cheapest possible rates.

The world is now heavily dependent on information that is easily and quickly accessible through the internet. Communication is dirt cheap in comparison to just five years ago. To make all this possible, more web hosting services were needed and to meet the demands and make money, web hosts began offering more services at competitive rates.

Ten years ago, only big companies had server space. Now, individuals and small industries also operate online. The competition took such a turn that companies even started offering free web hosting services, backed by advertising.

Today, web hosting is a top industry and provides cheap services to customers. The internet is a goldmine for many, waiting to be explored and there are people out there who rent server space and host their own web pages. The industry has grown and risen to challenge. Now, you can find web hosting services for as little as a dollar per month. This has made websites and the internet accessible to the common man.

Cheap and quality web hosting services has resulted in several flourishing industries. So find the best possible web hosting for you and create your goldmine.

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