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Web hosting and WWW

What is web hosting? Web hosting is a type of Internet Hosting service, which allows individuals and organizations to provide their websites a platform of World Wide Web. Web hosting companies provide space on server they own, for the use of their clients. They also provide Internet connectivity, typically in data center What do you mean by WWW? The web of network of all computers connected globally. All the computers can share information and communicate with each other. The communication protocol used for all the systems is HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). How does World Wide Web work? Web information is stored on Web Pages. Web pages are files stored on computer systems, called web servers. The systems which read the web pages are termed as clients. The web pages can be viewed by the program called Browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) How is the web page fetched by browser? ‘A request’ is used to fetch a web page, from a browser. A request is a standard HTTP request, which contains page address. An address may look like this How is a page displayed by a Web Browser? All pages contain various instructions for display. The browser displays the page by reading those instructions. HTML tags (which are inserted in symbols < >), are the most common instruction displays. What is a web server? The collection of web pages is termed as a ‘Website’. The website is published for a global view. For publishing your work, you need to copy your website on server. Your PC can act as a web server, if it is connected to any network. The most common to use is ISP (Internet Service Provider). What is an Internet Service Provider? ISP (Internet Service Provider), as the name suggests, provides ISP. The most common internet service is web hosting. Web hosting refers to giving a public platform to your website. It includes services like storage space; email services, Domain Name registration etc.

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