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Web Hosting and DNS

Information about Domain Names Domain name is a unique name for a website. Example:

Every domain name is registered. After the registration of domain names, they are added into a large domain name register. Information about the website, including the website IP addresses (logical numeric address); is stored on a DNS server.

DNS refers to Domain Name System. A DNS server is responsible for informing all other computers on internet about domain name and website address.

Registration of domain

Domains are registered from Domain Name registration companies. These companies provide interfaces for searching the available domain names and they offer a variety of domain name extensions, which can be registered at one time.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choice of domain name is the major step for a website owner, whether an individual or any business company. Creative thinking and a variety of Domain Name extensions offer thousands of excellent domain name options.

The best way to decide the domain name is to focus the purpose of the website for which the domain name is to be created, so that it provides your user an easy way to reach to your services. The domain name should be:
# Meaningful: A domain name related to the services of website is always easy to remember. There should be a meaning for the domain name and it should be co related with the website. # Short: Domain name should be short and concise. It should be as simple as possible. # Clear: Domain name should be clear and not difficult to pronounce and spell. # Exposure for search engines: Try to include a good term into your domain name, for an exposure to search engines.

Concept of Sub Domain

Sub domains are mostly used. WWW (World Wide Web) is the best example of a sub domain. Sub domains can be created on DNS server and they do not need a domain name registrar entry. Undoubtedly, the original domain name needs to be registered for any domain name creations. Sub domain can be created by customers using cPanel.

Directory Listings (False Domain Names)

Some providers may offer you a domain name under the registered domain names of their own company. It is not a real domain name and a directory listing; It should be avoided.

Expired Domains

The domains, for which the registration has been expired, due to non renewal of domain name by the owner, get categorized as expired domains. These domains get into the new available domains and anyone can register for those names, by giving registration fees.

Usage of domain name and promotion

It is very important for your business partners and clients to know about the domain name. It is also very essential to promote the domain name by marketing strategies, for the places where the products mentioned in the website need to be promoted.

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