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History of Web Hosting

According to a survey, web hosting scene begun, mainly since the year 1991. At that time, it was obviously not as advanced as it is in today¢s time. It is primarily related to internet and World Wide Web (WWW), which attained several changes with the advancement of technology. Internet and web hosting services are one the best technological inventions of computers field. Web hosting gives a platform to website, on WWW.

The origin of E Mail, as well as the World Wide Web existed along with Internet. It was in the year 1991, when things got revolutionized. With this advancement, a lot of commercial limits were removed from this zone. There were a lot of commercial possibilities for the companies and the internet created opportunities for creating hosted web pages.

This revolution was termed as the turmoil of electronic commerce. Once the internet business companies started understanding that web hosting was required, they began offering various services to those companies or individuals, who wanted to host web pages through Internet. In earlier days, internet, web pages and everything related to this field was very much restricted to universities, education and computer experts but potential grew for others, with the advancement in technology.

This uprising made it easy for the ordinary man to access web site addresses and web pages. Initially, the formats were tough but with the advancement of time, the formats were made easier for the people to understand and got more user-friendly. There was a convolution with the way it used to get controlled and because of this, all companies who were careful with the technological features cashed in on the opportunities.

When web hosting was first introduced, everyone could not use the services. It was very pricey and too complex in nature but eventually, it became less complicated, but technical companies were still needed for the processes. However it became very cheap over the years and today, there are many web hosting services that are offered for free. Individuals or small companies in the beginning take free hosting for opt for further paid plans, according to enhanced requirements.

Previously, several large computer companies used to rent out the space from their servers. Today, web hosting has become an entire industry by itself. There are many service providers and the right providers need to be chosen for taking the best services. In the beginning, only large business houses and other organizations could do the hosting but today, individuals and small groups also host web pages.

The complexity of web hosting also changed the time. There was primary a single way to compose web hosting but today there are several types of the services, depending on the requirements of the requirements and the kind of web page. As technology has grown rapidly, the web hosting business is today worth billions of dollars.

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