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RESELLER vs. VPS Hosting

If you are a business owner whose website has grown beyond shared hosting but cannot invest in a dedicated servicer, VPS hosting is the perfect alternative.

VPS stands for Virtual Private server, which means that one server is partitioned into spaces that simulate other servers. This allows user to have the benefit of a sole server which keeps their business separate from others, even if they are housed in the same machine.

On the other hand, reseller hosting usually means that the reseller is hosting accounts on shared servers. Most reseller accounts are hosted on shared servers which allow buyers the choice of hosting multiple domains and sell server space. So which one is better for you? Here we give you a run down on the upsides and downsides of both:

VPS: VPS's virtual structure could be disadvantage since the user is sharing the server. Usually, such web host providers set a limit on the number of clients on one server in order to allow the resources to be proportionately divided among users. The traffic load and bandwidth limits of other users will not affect your site. VPS has root access which lets user install softwares such as security solutions and operating systems. However, user might have to install these themselves.

Reseller Hosting: This type of hosting is not for those who prefer flexibility regarding website hosting management. It's more suitable for those who want to create a business in the webhosting industry. Reseller hosting gives account holder an administrative panel like Web Host Manager in order to maintain account, including client's disk space and bandwidth. It also allows reseller to give cPanel to their customers.

However, as always, the choice is upto the buyer. Whether you want to purchase a VPS or Reseller hosting depends on your website needs because both types of hosting are reliable and come with the necessary tools designed to make websites succeed.

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