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Should I host overseas?

It doesn't matter which part of the world you are in, if you are good, business will automatically flock to you. However, ranking hosting companies is a tough business because it is hard to define the criteria by which to monitor the ranking. Different websites have different hosting needs. For each website, the ideal host can be different.

Still, the best web hosts have certain standards that they met regarding hosting services. These are usually uniform requirements and most often, companies based overseas will be cheaper than those based in the United States or Europe. So should you host overseas?

The Price Why the different in price, you ask? Overseas web hosts offer the same packages as the best hosting companies for much less money. Sometimes, it could be a sales mechanism, but most often, it reflects the living costs of the country where the company is based. In India or Pakistan, web hosting services are relatively cheaper because the cost of living is cheaper. This leaves you with yet another question: should you select web hosts on the basis of price only?

Cheaper prices make the hosting packages attractive but what about quality? Does the difference in price also mean compromise in quality? Webmasters shouldn't blindly sign up with overseas hosting companies on the basis of price. Consider the many other factors that will determine the quality of your website.

Location Where the web host is located matters. If the server is closer in proximity to your clients, it means faster accessibility to your website. Business might be virtual but the real distance between servers and users can mean quite a bit in terms of efficiency. Online businesses usually target consumers in the United States and Europe. So hosting a million miles away can affect the website's response time.

Customer Service Companies overseas have highly trained staff who respect customers and other individuals. They realize that they are competing with the best hosting companies abroad and work hard to get the same respect. Still, customs and time zones can make things frustrating for webmasters. Communication gaps, finding a common work time, misunderstandings, and other problems can arise. Therefore, it is best to assess both the advantages and disadvantages carefully before trying to decide on hosting overseas.

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