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What is Web Hosting?

A webhosting provider gets your website online
You need a subscription with a web hosting provider, if you want to share information with other people on the Internet from a website. Web hosting is the third step after having a website created and getting a domain name. Your website will need to be positioned in someplace so web surfers can find it. Your web hosting provider will be the place where your web pages actually are located in.
Hosting is what makes your website easy to get to via the World Wide Web. Web hosting providers are companies that provide space on a server for use by clients.
Your website has a physical address that maps the location of the website on a server. In reality you are buying space to place your website where it can be viewed by the world, when you buy hosting from a provider. Web servers are computers what will host your websites for the internet. These are linked to high-speed fiber optics to make sure the highest possible uptime.


Types of Web Hosting

When you are purchasing web hosting with KVCHosting, you can select the plan suits you the best from our following, varies web hosting packages.


We can guarantee when we say KVCHosting has the cheapest prices for all web hosting solutions. KVCHosting affordable Web Hosting combining with flexibility in web hosting packages, will meet all your needs.


Reliable webhosting unmatchable speed - We will always keep your website online, even during the biggest traffic spikes.

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • High-performance servers with lightning fast load time
  • Powered by our own data centers
  • Free 24/7 technical support
  • Easy, one-click setup

Included Support

No charge will apply if a cause of the technical setback you are experiencing was systems or technology error of us.


  • Server becoming unreachable due to a network breakdown at our end.
  • Server becoming unreachable due to a hardware breakdown at our end.
  • The hosting service setup process failed to complete successfully.
  • A root user password change request failed to resolve successfully.

“I'm an entrepreneur that has several businesses myself. has been my number 1 source for all of my domain and hosting requirements for a period of time. I have never come across another company that offer services for a cheaper price than the, and has a better customer service and features than KVCHosting. They are fast to assist me with any problem that I may have. I highly recommend them to anyone”
~Chris Mcdermott


“I have been using KVCHosting for years. I have never had any problems with downtime. It’s really easy to run a website with them because of their top class services. Customer service was always very quick and helpful on the few times I needed them.”
~Phil Wright


“If I have to grade KVCHosting I will always give them an A+
I started with KVCHosting 2009. I have never been charged anything other than what was quoted. Have never been requested or bothered for up charges. Reliability is an important factor to us, and KVCHosting has delivered 100%, they are always quick and reliable”
~Dayle Nixon


"Incredible services and customer support. The staff is to be commended for a job well done. I would recommend KVCHosting to anyone who is looking for a great web host, very reasonable prices and the best possible flexibility. I always had confidence that you would be a great fit for my company, thanks for the continued outstanding service."
~Rodney Cochrane


“All these years with KVCHosting I have never had a problem. My site is easy to navigate and use for the customer s, I have never gotten a complaint that my site was down and that’s very important for a business owner like me. Staff is really caring and easy to work with. KVCHosting lets us to focus on our business, while they take care of managing our server infrastructure”
~Mark Aldridge

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